Joscelyn Gardner's work is included in the exhibition, 'What plants can tell', opening today at the Stewart Hall Gallery in Montreal. Curated by Marie Perrault, the other exhibiting artists are Chromogenic Curmudgeons, Catherine Lescarbeau, Amelie Proulx, Laura St. Pierre, Marie-Eve Martel, and Emilie Payeur.

Botanical descriptions and the horticultural use of plants are a testimony of the ways in which we perceive and value nature, as well as the challenges affecting our understanding. In this exhibition, the artists use botanical and horticultural references to manifest human realities related to ecology and power relations, or to revisit the notion of vanity.

The Missing Circle is a collaboration between KADIST, Museo Amparo, and Museo de Arte Moderno de Medellín. This exhibition is the culmination of an eponymous three-year program comprising, seminars, commissions, and exhibitions curated by Magalí Arriola and initiated by KADIST. It opens on October 30, 2019, and runs through to February 2, 2020. 

Artists in the exhibition are Pavel Aguilar, Carlos Amorales, Jonathas de Andrade, EdgardoAragón, Fredi Casco, RomettiCostales, Sam Durant, León Ferrari, Joscelyn Gardner, Beatríz González, Pierre Huyghe, Guillermo Kuitca, Cristóbal Lehyt, Jesse Lerner, Alfredo López Morales, Teresa Margolles, Noé Martínez, Cildo Meireles, Eustaquio Neves, Nohemí Pérez, Naufus Ramírez Figueroa, Antonio Reynoso, Pablo Swezey and Carla Zaccagnini.

A new contemporary art gallery, The Brighton Storeroom, opens this week in Barbados with the exhibition, Beginning. Exhibiting artists include Bethany Pile, Caroline Holder, Dennis de Caires, Estelle Thompson, John Cox, Joscelyn Gardner, Llanor Alleyne, Mark King, Simone Asia, and Tessa Whitehead.

One of Joscelyn Gardner's lithographs from the Creole Portraits III suite has been reproduced on the cover of Gigi Adair's book, Kinship Across the Black Atlantic: Writing Diasporic Relations (published by Liverpool University Press). 

This book considers the meaning of kinship across black Atlantic diasporas in the Caribbean, Western Europe and North America via readings of six contemporary novels. It draws upon and combines insights from postcolonial studies, queer theory and black Atlantic diaspora studies in novel ways to examine the ways in which contemporary writers engage with the legacy of anthropological discourses of kinship, interrogate the connections between kinship and historiography, and imagine new forms of diasporic relationality and subjectivity. The novels considered here offer sustained meditations on the meaning of kinship and its role in diasporic cultures and communities; they represent diasporic kinship in the context and crosscurrents of both historical and cont...

Sketch for Phytogyne Garden, a new installation by Juliana Cerqueira Leite and Zoë Claire Miller for Sick and Desiring, 2019

Sick and Desiring

Curatorial Contribution by Nora Heidorn 

Gardner's work is currently being exhibited in Bergen, Norway, as part of the Bergen Assembly 2019 project Actually, The Dead Are Not Dead.

The exhibition conceived by the core group and co-curators of Bergen Assembly 2019 takes place at five different locations and public spaces in Bergen. It is not structured according to thematic sections or curatorial authorship but rather along constellations that repeatedly rearrange the different strands of the content of Actually, the Dead Are Not Dead. Two curatorial contributions deviate from that system, each having its own title and space. The exhibition, which is conceived as a whole, thus results from the interplay of different individual and shared curatorial settings that cannot be traced back to individual authorship. This produces an innate rhythm of...

Botanic Fictions
—On the Political Narratives of Plants 

With artistic and botanic contributions by:
Chanelle Adams, Maria Thereza Alves, Pedro Barateiro, Natasa Biza,
Joscelyn Gardner, Saskia Groneberg, Armin Linke, Jumana Manna,
Pedro Neves Marques, Nikos Thymakis, Sung Tieu, Yiorgos Veltsos

Botanic Fictions—On the Political Narratives of Plants takes the pest-related symptoms suffered by the Athenian palm trees as a starting point for a temporary stocktaking. Through the formats of a research walk, a symposium and film screenings it examines the current state of the world through the motif of the plant. The relationships between landscape, territory, and nation are rendered visible through the botanical metaphors in everyday language, the political symbolism of plants, and the geological implications of ongoing colonialism, globalisation and extractive capitalism, among others.

An accopanying booklet opens up a more associative space, allowing for idiosyncracy, secondary lines of re...

The eCatalogue for the exhibition 'The Living River Project: Art, Water, and Possible Worlds', curated by Patrick Mahon and Stuart Reid, has been published. The exhibition, held at The Art Gallery of Windsor, included the work of 20 artists - 6 artists from an earlier version of the project (Nadine Bariteau, Elizabeth Chitty, Soheila Esfahani, Gautum Garoo, Patrick Mahon and Colin Miner), and 14 who were new to the project (Patricia Coates, Joscelyn Gardner, Patrick Mahon with Mona Stonefish and Dickson Bou, Chris Myhr, Troy Ouellette, Lee Rodney with Justin Langlois, Audrey D’Astous, Taien Ng-Chan, and Imogen Clendinning, Quinn Smallboy and Jennifer Willet). 

The PDF can be downloaded HERE or by clicking on the image.

The Stavanger Art Museum in Norway has published a handsome hard cover catalogue to accompany the exhibition 'Flora: Between Plants and People'. Essays are by Vibece Salther (Exhibition Curator), Jim Endersby, and Inger Nordal. The catalogue can be purchased - see informatio

Seven lithographs from Gardner's suite, 'Creole Portraits III: "bringing down the flowers..." are included in the exhibition, 'Flora: Between Plants and People', now on at the Stavanger Art Museum in Norway. Curated by Vibece Salthe, the exhibition runs until 13th October 2019.

The exhibition looks at artists' use of plants and flowers related to subjects like botany, gender, power, order/disorder and harmony.

Artists: Alberto Baraya, Camilla Berner, Christine Borland, Frants Bøe, Joscelyn Gardner, Dzamil Kamanger, Kalle Hamm & Band of Weeds, Ingela Ihrman, Rita Kernn-Larsen, Roland Persson, Iiu Susiraja, Gerd Tinglum, Kristin Tårnesvik & Espen Sommer Eide, Danh Vo and Marit Victoria Wulff Andreassen.

See more details HERE

An essay by Guillermina De Ferrari titled A Caribbean Hauntology: The Sensorial Art of Joscelyn Gardner and M. Nourbese Philip has been published in the Journal of Latin American Cultural Studies (Sept 2018). The essay Abstract states: 

"This article explores the tension between the senses and the immaterial in Barbadian artist’s Joscelyn Gardner’s multimedia installation White Skin, Black Kin: A Creole Conversation Piece (2003), and Omi Ebora (2014) and in the poem Zong! by Trinidadian poet M. NourbeSe Philip (2014). By the immaterial I refer to the traces in contemporary art of the slavery trade and plantation culture. I analyze three aspects: how sensorial art functions, what is the spectral in sensorial art, and what does the specter (based on Derrida’s hauntology) do for the Caribbean in the present. I suggest that the spectral in Caribbean art functions as an injunction to deal with our inherited identities, which I defined elsewhere as membership beyond consent, in such a wa...

Joscelyn Gardner is a Guest Artist at the Miami New Media Festival 2018 in Aruba with her video installation, 'omi ebora'. Curated by Nelson Gonzalez, the exhibition in Aruba (Poeticas de la Costa) includes the work of Natusha Croes (Aruba), Adonis Ferro (Cuba), Avantia Damberg (Curacao), Joscelyn Gardner (Barbados-Canada), David Gumbs (Guadeloupe), Maksaens Denis (Haiti), and Oscar Leone (Colombia). The theme of this edition of the Festival is 'Water, Heritage, and Climate Change'. The exhibition runs October 5 - 7 at the Aruba Art Fair, B v/d Veen Zeppenfeld Straat 14, San Nicholas, Aruba.

See Exhibition Website HERE  

Exhibition TEXT by Hugo Palmar


Bodies Under Pressure, curated by Riva Symko, opened at the Kimura Gallery at the University of Alaska Anchorage on January 29th, and will run to March 9th, 2018. The exhibition website states: "This exhibition features the work of five printmakers (and a portfolio) from across the United States and Canada who are unified by their ongoing consideration of the three-dimensional human body as a site of history, trauma, and healing. Here, the body has been put under the pressure of the printing press and rendered two-dimensional in a way that enables a close examination of its corporeality. These artists use the body as subject and as material. As a space for agency and as a locus for process."

The exhibiting artists are Marnie Blair, Joscelyn Gardner, Darian Golden Stahl, Jill Ho-You, Heather Leier, Meghan Pohold, and Allison Rosh.

See HERE for more information on the exhibition.

The II Bienal del Sur, Pueblos en Resistencia, opened in Caracas, Venezuela, on December 3, and will run until February 25, 2018. Joscelyn Gardner has been invited to represent Barbados, along with fellow artist, Ewan Atkinson, in Dialogos del Cuerpo, one of the four themed exhibitions of the Bienal. 51 international artists and 30 national artists are exhibiting paintings, sculptures, drawings, graphic arts, mural art, photographs, textile art, video art, audiovisual documentaries, performance, assemblages, among other artistic disciplines.

Read more on the iartes website. 

The Center Pompidou presents Cosmopolis #1, a unique platform for exploring artistic practices. Cosmopolis #1 highlights collaborative practices and artists' collectives, particularly in the artistic scenes of Asia, Africa and Latin America. Gardner's work is included in the research project Against Nature being presented by Council. Founded in Paris in 2013 by Grégory Castéra and Sandra Terdjman, Council brings together different collaborators and forms of knowledge — including arts, science, and civic culture — to foster new understandings of social issues through the production of works and an international program of exhibitions, conferences, and publications. For Cosmopolis #1, Council presents The Against Nature Journal, a project focused on the legal interpretation of the concept of ‘nature’, still widely used to criminalize sexual orientation or regulate individual freedoms and impose norms. The inspiration of the journal dates from 2009 when the Lebanese judge M...

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