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Gardner's work exhibited at Randers Kunstmuseum in Denmark

Roland Persson,: Mouth of Medusa, 2018. Pigmenteret silikone, 75x505x1045 cm. Tilhører kunstneren. Stavanger Kunstmuseum, MUST. Foto Marie von Krogh

We can systematize them and name them, cultivate them, move them and crop them, refine them and cultivate them, genetically modify them, fight them and eradicate them. Over the past 300 years we have increasingly exercised our power over plants, but have we forgotten the power of the plants over us and who is the winner in this power game? If we win over the plants, who in fact has won? Plant species are being eradicated in these decades at an unprecedented rate and perhaps we should rethink the balance. With this year's first special exhibition "FLORA - between plants and humans", the Randers Art Museum sheds light on how Danish and international contemporary artists in different ways investigate our relationship with plants and human space in nature. Common to the exhibiting artists is that they relate to the traditions and methods of botany, science and art history. Although the starting point is depictions of plants, the works touch on widely different sides of our common history with issues such as power, gender, colonialism and hierarchies.

Represented artists:

Marit Victoria Wulff Andreassen (NO, 1971), Alberto Baraya (CO, 1968), Camilla Berner (DK, 1972), Christine Borland (SCO, 1965), Rune Bosse (DK, 1987), Joscelyn Gardner (BB/CA, 1961), Sophie Henck (DK, 1822-1893), Peter Holst Henckel (DK, 1966), Dzamil Kamanger (IR, 1948), Kalle Hamm & Band of Weeds (FI, 1969), Ingela Ihrman (SE, 1983), Rita Kernn-Larsen (DK, 1904-1998), Roland Persson (SE, 1963), Iiu Susiraja (FI, 1975), Gerd Tinglum (NO, 1951), Kristin Tårnesvik & Espen Sommer Eide (NO, 1964 og 1972) og Danh Vo (VN/ DK, 1975).

The exhibition is produced by Stavanger Kunstmuseum. The exhibition in Randers is curated by Vibece Salthe, Julie Margrethe Nyrup and Lise Jeppesen.

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