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Upcoming exhibition at the AGO

Preserving Histories: Andrea Chung and Joscelyn Gardner highlights the complexity of race and gender in Caribbean histories, through works on paper both beautiful and ominous. In her collages, Chung calls attention to the materials of self-preservation as she layers pins, beads, images of plants and cloth over historical photographs of African and Afro-Caribbean women. In her print series, Gardner pairs tools of control over enslaved peoples − like slave collars − with medicinal plants capable of ending unwanted pregnancies. Her work positions women's botanical knowledge as a form of resistance. This exhibition is curated by Alexa Greist, AGO Associate Curator and R. Fraser Elliott Chair, Prints & Drawings.

The exhibition opens on March 26 and runs through September, 2022.

Please note that this exhibition has been cancelled. An exhibition of Joscelyn Gardner's work curated by Julie Crooks and Alexa Greist will take place in the Fodor Gallery at the AGO in 2023.

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