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"We Have Met Before" opens at the National Gallery of Jamaica

"We Have Met Before," with works by Graham Fagan (Scotland), Joscelyn Gardner (Barbados/Canada), Leasho Johnson (Jamaica), and Ingrid Pollard (Guyana/UK), opens at the National Gallery of Jamaica on 22nd September, and runs through 4th November, 2017. Staged in partnership with the British Council, the exhibition revisits the challenging but important subject of trans-Atlantic slavery and its afterlives in the contemporary world, interpreted by four artists with distinctive perspectives.

As part of the accompanying programmes for "We Have Met Before", the National Gallery of Jamaica and the British Council will present a panel discussion on the issues raised by the exhibition on Saturday, 23rd September, starting at 1.30pm. The panel will consist of three of the artists in the exhibition, Graham Fagan, Joscelyn Gardner, and Ingrid Pollard, while Deborah Anzinger will speak about Leasho Johnson's work. The panel will be moderated by Dr. Shani Roper, acting Director/Curator of Liberty Hall, the legacy of Marcus Garvey.

For more information visit the NGJ blog HERE or British Council Caribbean HERE

See Video HERE

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