2016    Joscelyn Gardner: unfolding a West Indian paper theatrical, Anna Leonowens Gallery,

            NSCAD University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

2016    Staging Mary Prince; "in her own words…" curated by Sophie Cressal, Bermuda National Gallery,

            Hamilton, Bermuda (brochure)

2014    “bringing down the flowers…”, Alberta Printmakers’ Artist Proof Gallery, Calgary, Alberta,

            Canada (brochure)

2012    Joscelyn Gardner: Bleeding and Breeding, curated by Olexander Wlasenko, Station Gallery,

            Whitby, Ontario, Canada (catalogue)

2011    Joscelyn Gardner: tending to an “unspeakable” past…, curated by Ines Roman, Galeria

            Adhoc, Vigo, Spain

2009   Missionary Position, SNAP Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

2005   White Skin, Black Kin, InterAmericas Space, CCA7, Trinidad (brochure)

2005   Braided Narratives, Open Studio, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (brochure)

2005   Peau Blanche, Parente Noire, curated by Dominique Brebion, Galerie ARSENEC, CMAC a

            l’Atrium, Fort de France, Martinique, W.I (catalogue)

2004   Joscelyn Gardner: Of Braids and Bonds, Chelsea Galleria, Miami, Florida, U.S.A.         

2004   Creole Portraits, Zemicon Gallery, Barbados

2004   White Skin, Black Kin: “Speaking the Unspeakable”, curated by Joscelyn Gardner

            and Denyse Menard-Greenidge, an Intervention into four galleries at the Barbados

            Museum, Barbados (catalogue)

2003   White Skin, Black Kin: A Creole Conversation Piece, McIntosh Gallery, London,

            Ontario, Canada (MFA thesis show)      

1999    Millennium Mural, Permanent Installation, Dome of James Street Methodist Church, 

            Bridgetown, Barbados (commission)                   

1996    Virtual Omphalos, 23rd International Biennial of Sao Paulo (country representation,           

            Barbados, curated by Andrea Wells), Sao Paulo, Brazil (catalogue)

1994    Spirit of Woman: Eye to the Soul, The Barbados Museum Gallery, Barbados


1986    Line and Colour: Genesis, The Barbados Museum Gallery, Barbados

1985    Joscelyn Gardner (BFA Exhibition), Ontario Hall, Kingston, Ontario

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