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<bridgetown>whisperpost is an interactive audio installation in Bridgetown's streets (2007) that was conceived and directed by Joscelyn Gardner for a new media workshop hosted by the National Art Gallery Committee, Barbados, in 2005 to commemorate the city's 375th anniversary. Professional visual artists, student artists, performers, writers, and historians participated in this collaborative project to produce a series of highly creative location-specific soundscapes based on memory, personal narratives and impressions, voyages into our collective history, and experimentation with sound as an artistic medium. Workshop participants selected city sites that interested them personally and set about collecting raw sound and images within this historic "seaport town". Research material and sound data were imaginatively culled together from diverse sources over the following days and mixed in the Grey Lizard Production Inc. by well known musician, Alan Sheppard, to produce the medley of individual sound pieces that can be found at each whisper post, easily accessible by dialling a number on a cell phone. 

18 soundscapes were produced by the following project participants: Natalie Atkins, Eric Belgrave, Allison Calendar, Annalee Davis, Laila Degia, Ingrid Gall, Laura Lin Hutchinson, Rodney Ifill, Julianna Inniss, Judy Layne-Banks, Denyse Menard-Greenidge, Gail Pounder-Speede, Karen Proverbs, Ricardo Skeete, Lilian Sten-Nicholson, Malin Straker, and Alberta Whittle.

For Curator's text - <bridgetown>whisperpost: mapping a Caribbean city's pulse by Joscelyn Gardner, click HERE.

For Exhibition Review - whisper past - whisper post by Susan Mahon in Select Barbados (Vol. 2, Issue 8), click HERE.

Parliament Buildings, Bridgetown
Chamberlain Bridge
soundscape locations
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