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'Her Blood Spoke: Joscelyn Gardner, Kara Springer, and Alberta Whittle' opens at the AGO Toronto

Her Blood Spoke: Joscelyn Gardner, Kara Springer, Alberta Whittle presents 16 artworks by three artists of Barbadian descent, reflecting on contemporary and historical experiences with Black maternal health and bodily autonomy. As access to reproductive healthcare remains precarious globally, this installation offers a consideration of the ways in which Black women's bodies have long been sites of conflict.

Featuring lithographs, photographs, painting and video, the artworks on view, use archival sleuthing, autobiography and conceptual storytelling to situate women's labour in conversation with themes of bodily agency, resistance, and ancestral care. Her Blood Spoke emerges from an awareness of the historical systems of racial and gendered violence that continue to shape our contemporary moment.

The exhibition runs from April 15 - October 29, 2023



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