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Mary Prince Day marked by revisiting Gardner's 'Black Mary' video installation

The Bermuda National Gallery interviews Joscelyn Gardner about her exhibition 'Staging Mary Prince', held there in 2016.

BNG: Legislation was passed in Bermuda earlier this year renaming the second day of Cup Match Mary Prince Day in recognition of her pivotal role in the abolition of slavery, both in Bermuda and across the Caribbean. On the eve of this historic moment, we caught up with Joscelyn to reflect on Black Mary and discuss how, through her artwork, she attempts to “speak the unspeakable, retrieving atrocities that lie buried in our collective memory in order to reconcile the past with the present and move towards a metaphorical healing of wounds“.

See this link for the interview:

Joscelyn Gardner, 'Black Mary'; or Molly, "Princess of Wales", 2016, 2-screen video installation with sound



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