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QUINTessence includes work from Barbados' national collections for 55th anniversary of Independence

The exhibition QUINTessence: (5)5 Stages of Change through Barbados' national collections, curated by Katherine Kennedy, takes inspiration from a method known as the Transtheoretical Model, also called the ‘5 Stages of Change’. In celebration of Barbados' 55th anniversary of Independence and its new status as a constitutional republic, the National Cultural Foundation presents this virtual show using artworks selected from the island’s eclectic National Collections to illuminate this juncture of change from manifold, divergent perspectives. "It seeks to give this moment the nuanced and holistic consideration it deserves, as we gaze backwards, inwards and forwards on this monumental journey."

Exhibiting Artists: Arthur Atkinson, Ewan Atkinson, Barbara Bain, Verne Best, Eric Belgrave, Hubert Braithwaite, Ras Ishi Butcher, Alison Chapman-Andrews, Albert Chong, William Cummins, Kenwyn Crichlow, Joyce Daniel, Annalee Davis, Ann Dodson, Justin Downey, David Anthony Gall, Indrani Gall, Joscelyn Gardner, Edmund Gill, Bill Grace, Francis Griffith, Stanley Greaves, Russell Hatcher, Leslie Lounsbury, Denyse Ménard-Greenidge, David McClean (Guru), Terrance Piggott, Ras Akeym-I Ramsay, Arlette St. Hill, Norma Talma, Roslyn Watson, Alberta Whittle, Nick Whittle, Ronald Williams



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